Integrative Patient of the Month, April

Say hello to Yogi!  Yogi has been seeing Dr. McKerney for general healthcare and management of allergies for the last year, but he recently had a health scare that prompted his mom to try Eastern medicine options.  Read more below to hear about sweet little Yogi’s success with Integrative medicine:
“In December, my miniature poodle Yogi began limping and showed little interest in going out for his daily walks. I had planned to discuss with Dr. McKerney at an upcoming appointment however, late one night he began whining with pain over the slightest movement so off we went to Marqueen Animal Hospital. They prescribed some meds and we followed up with Veterinary Healing Center a few days later.  By that time, he couldn’t use his back legs at all. He couldn’t blink, one side of his mouth was paralyzed and he didn’t seem to know when he had to go potty. It seemed as though his lower half was paralyzed. His x-rays and exams showed a possible neurologic problem, possibly from a herniated disc, but the eye and mouth problem led us to believe it might be something worse such as a lesion on his brain. In spite of him being on an anti-inflammatory and pain meds, he just laid in my arms and I thought for certain he wasn’t going to make it.  After discussing with Drs. Cahoon and McKerney we opted to combine Western and Eastern medicine treatments. He had a cortisone shot and we began a series of electrical acupuncture treatments. Within a week he began using his left leg and a few weeks later he was using both legs again. While he still has some weakness in his right leg, he has now been trying to run using his left leg only. He seems to be improving every day!” -Karen, Yogi’s mom
We couldn’t be happier to hear about our patient’s successes!  Yogi’s mom told us that he turns 10 on May 1st; what a great birthday gift she’s given him!
Call us today if you have questions about how Integrative Veterinary Medicine can help benefit your pet!

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