Five Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home

Are your nostrils assaulted by that lingering pet odor as soon as you walk in your home? Perhaps a single room has become rather smelly thanks to your pet. Here, an El Dorado Hills veterinarian offers five tips for combating pet odors to get your home smelling fresh again.

Groom Your Pet

Your pet is the source of the odors you’re trying to get rid of, so why not start there? Frequent brushing and the occasional bath will do wonders for keeping your pet and home smelling fresh. Brushing helps remove loose fur, cutting down on shedding, and bathing gets your pet’s skin nice and clean. Ask your vet to recommend pet brushes and shampoos before you get started.

Wash Your Pet’s Bedding

Oftentimes, a pet’s bed is a strong source of odor because they spend so much time on it. Don’t forget to throw the bed in the wash every now and again, or hand wash it with soap and hot water. This will remove odors, get rid of loose hairs and dander, and kill bacteria lodged in the bed that could be causing odors.

Vacuum Carpets and Furniture Frequently

It’s not very much fun, but vacuuming your home is a good way to keep pet odors to a minimum. Set aside a day every week or two to thoroughly vacuum carpets and furniture. Even more frequent vacuuming might be necessary if your pet sheds a lot. There are even vacuums available today that are designed specifically to pick up pet hair, so ask your vet to recommend one.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners are good for masking odors, but it’s important to realize that they’re not eliminating the problem. Try commercially-available odor neutralizers to truly get rid of pet odors. Do some research and talk with your vet before choosing such a product to use in your home.

Check for Food Hoarding

Is your pet the type to hoard bits of food, moving them elsewhere and hiding them for future inspection? Food, treats, and even smelly toys can be hoarded away where you can’t see them, causing odors to permeate a room. Check for hiding spots and soiled food and clean up the problem. If your pet seems to have a serious hoarding habit, consult your El Dorado Hills veterinarian for professional help.

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