How to Tell if Your Bird is Feeling Under the Weather

Since your bird can’t exactly describe how he’s feeling to you, it’s important that a bird owner is able to recognize the signs of a bird that doesn’t feel well. Quick veterinary action might be needed, so take note of these common indicators as discussed by your El Dorado Hills vet.

Loss of Appetite

A healthy bird will keep eating regularly to maintain his metabolism. A bird that has stopped eating may be feeling sick or have a medical condition. A wide variety of things could cause a loss of appetite, from disease to intestinal blockage to parasitic infection. Call your vet as soon as you suspect your bird is having a diet crisis or isn’t eating as he normally would.

Ruffled Feathers

If you see your bird sit with his feathers ruffled for a long time, something might be wrong. Ruffled feathers are a sign of various problems, including respiratory issues. Usually, a bird that has his feathers ruffled for the duration of a whole day might be sick. If you see this behavior persist this long, it’s time to notify your vet.

Cloudy Eyes

A bird that’s healthy will have clear, clean eyes. If you see cloudy eyes, discharge, redness, inflammation, or anything else that doesn’t look normal, let your vet know immediately. It could be a symptom of serious disease that will require veterinary attention.

Cere Indicators

Your bird’s cere is the area above the beak where the nostrils are. Most people think of the cere as a bird’s nose. If you see discharge, redness, inflammation, or other signs of ill health around the cere, your vet needs to know right away. Keep a close eye on this area when spending time with your bird.

Changes in Waste

Keep track of the color and consistency of your bird’s waste, because it’s one of the first indicators of health problems in birds. Waste color will change slightly due to what your bird’s eating, but droppings that are black, brown, or yellow could mean troubles, including internal bleeding. Likewise, if you think your bird’s droppings seem extra runny or too firm, a veterinary opinion is needed.

It’s wise to keep your El Dorado Hills vet’s number on hand constantly, so you can call at the first sign of ill health in your beloved pet bird.

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