The Many Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog is about more than simply making her look good—although that is an added benefit! Here, a vet El Dorado Hills tells you about all the reasons grooming your pooch is a great idea.

Moisturizing Fur

Did you know that regular brushing spreads essential skin oils throughout your dog’s fur? These oils keep the fur moisturized properly and make the coat shiny and healthy. It also cuts down on the amount your dog sheds. Your dog might even benefit from moisturizing sprays and other hair care products—consult your vet for a recommendation.

Soothing the Skin

Tangled hair and mats pull and stretch the skin underneath them, which can be very uncomfortable for a dog. Some severe hair matting has even been known to affect the way a dog walks! Plus, dirt and grime can easily accumulate under matted fur. Regular grooming will help avoid tangles and mats, smoothing out the fur and keeping the skin healthy.

Controlling Allergies

If you or a member of your family has pet allergies, regular grooming is essential for keeping reactions to a minimum. Brushing and bathing your pet will remove loose fur, pollen, dirt, dander, fleas, and other potential allergens from the coat, reducing the allergies you experience in the long run. Ask your vet about other great ways to keep your pet’s allergy-causing substances at bay.

Health Check Opportunity

Grooming time also doubles as a great opportunity to check out the condition of your pet’s skin. Run your hands over your dog’s body as you’re grooming. If you feel any lumps or bumps, or notice any lacerations, rashes, bruises, or anything at all out of the ordinary, it’s time to notify your vet.

Quality Bonding Time

Of course, grooming your dog offers a great opportunity for pet-owner bonding. Many pets come to look forward to grooming time greatly, simply because it’s a time to get close with their loving owners!

Want more information on the proper grooming tools and procedures to use on your dog? Ask the professionals at your veterinary clinic El Dorado Hills.

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