How to Stop Your Cat from Keeping You Up at Night

Does your furball sleep all day and play at night? Many of our feline friends tend to be a bit nocturnal, so those midnight play sessions are a fairly common complaint from pet parents. When Kitty lived in the wild, she often hunted at night. Mother Nature even gave Kitty’s eyes some special features that help her see in the dark. Nowadays, housecats don’t have to work too hard to earn their keep, unless you consider batting a toy mouse down the hall work. Some of those old habits and instincts still apply, however, including the one that keeps your furball wide-awake at 2 am. In this article, your veterinarian El Dorado Hills gives a few tips on how to get your cat to stop staying up way past your bedtime.

Health Check

Any change in a cat’s behavior is worth noting, so you’ll want to have your vet give her an examination to rule out any health issues, particularly if your cat has only recently become a night ‘owl’. Sometimes cats that are in pain seem excited or agitated, so it’s best to be sure Kitty is ok physically.

Don’t Reward Mischief

If you stumble out of bed to feed Fluffy, because you know that will put her to sleep, you’ve just given her a reward for acting naughty. Feed the furball before bed, but don’t give her treats or extras after supper.

Daytime Play

Make sure your furball has plenty of toys and activities to keep her entertained while you’re at work. Setting up a cat tower or window perch so that Kitty has a view of what’s going on in your neighborhood is one thing you can do to keep her occupied during the day. To increase the fun factor for your kitty, try putting a squirrel or bird feeder just outside that window.


If Kitty is batting her toys around in the middle of the night, she may have some excess energy to burn off. Spend a few short, 10-minute sessions playing with your furball to help burn off that extra ‘zoom’.

Late Supper

Just like people, kitties tend to get sleepy after a big dinner. Giving Fluffy her biggest meal at night may help her fall asleep.

Cuddle Time

Unless you have any issues with allergies, or Fluffy keeps batting at you while you’re sleeping, let your cat sleep with you. It probably won’t take her long to realize that bedtime means time to snuggle up and purr herself to sleep.

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