How to Entertain Your Rabbit

Have you recently added a bunny to your home? Rabbits are very inquisitive by nature, and they just love to play and explore. Toys will provide your bunny with mental stimulation and physical activity, both of which are very important to your rabbit’s health and well-being. They’ll also help keep your furniture and belongings intact, as rabbits with plenty of toys are much less likely to chew their owners’ things. You don’t have to spend a fortune keeping your bunny amused, either; you can use store-bought toys, or DIY toys. In this article, your local vet Cameron Park goes over some options on how to entertain your rabbit.


There are plenty of options for things you can use to fill Bunny’s toy box. Try getting your little buddy an adjustable maze, or a willow ball. You can also get your rabbit wooden toys which are made for parrots, such as ladder toys, as long as there are no small parts that could choke your pet. Toys or shapes made from woven grass are also good options for bunnies. Some cat toys, such as little balls, are also appropriate.

DIY Toys

You may not know it, but you probably have plenty of things around your house that can keep your bunny entertained. Give Bunny a footstool to hop over, or stuff a toilet-paper roll with hay or fresh herbs. Cardboard boxes are often a big hit with bunnies. You can also try filling a small cereal box with some treats. Hiding the box, so your bunny has to forage for it, will make it even more fun. Some bunnies will amuse themselves just redecorating their cages with new boxes and toys!


If there is one thing any rabbit owner can tell you, it’s that bunnies love to chew. Chewing is actually necessary in bunnies, as it helps keep their teeth from growing too long. Some of the things your fuzzy buddy can chew include chew toys, wooden bridges, towels, applewood sticks, and treat tumblers.

Obstacle Courses/Tunnels

Rabbits love to tunnel and dig, so cat tunnels often go over very well with bunnies. Using adjustable ones is great, because you can rearrange your bunny’s maze to keep it fresh. You can also use cardboard boxes, paper bags, and other items, such as footstools, to make little obstacle courses.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your rabbit’s care or behavior. As your local vet clinic Cameron Park, we are here to help.

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