Guidelines for Good Guinea Pig Care

Your new guinea pig Basil seems like the ideal pocket pet. Basil and his fellow guinea pigs are rather non-aggressive creatures, and they rarely exhibit biting or scratching behavior. They also get along quite well with humans, although Basil would probably prefer to live with his brothers in spacious accommodations. To give Basil the best chance for a healthy life, take him to your veterinarian in Cameron Park for a complete physical exam. Your vet will also give you some easy-to-follow guinea pig nutrition and care guidelines. Learn more about guinea pigs’ care requirements.

Climate-Controlled Environment

While you might enjoy basking in the sun, Basil doesn’t want to become overheated from exposure to excessive sunlight. Place Basil’s enclosure away from direct sunlight, high heat and/or humidity. After all, you don’t want your little companion to risk heat stroke. Ideally, keep Basil in a room with consistent 65 to 79 degree temperatures.

Luxurious Guinea Pig Apartment

Basil would certainly prefer a roomy, well-ventilated enclosure made of metal, wire, or sturdy plastic. Don’t worry about enclosing the cage top, since Basil has little interest in escaping his comfortable digs. If you choose a solid floor, Basil won’t have to fret about leg and foot injuries from a wire mesh bottom. You’ll also have a much easier poop cleanup routine. Provide Basil with comfy, hygienic bedding made from shredded newspaper or recycled paper litter; and change his bedding completely every morning.

Nutritionally Balanced Diet

While Basil’s guinea pig pellet formula makes a good nutritional base, he’d like you to blend in some vegetables and leafy greens. Provide Basil with lots of variety so he doesn’t rebel when you add a new component to his food. Also, your vet might recommend that Basil take a vitamin supplement or two.

Each morning, mix Basil’s kibbles in a heavy, newly washed ceramic bowl. Make sure Basil gets fresh, clean water every morning. If you attach a sipper water bottle to Basil’s cage, he can’t contaminate his water source with bedding or feces.

Multiple Playtime Choices

While you’ve provided Basil with some trendy cage exercise equipment, he’d also enjoy interacting with you in a safe enclosed play area. Use a wood, tiled, or linoleum floor for easy poop cleanup. Finally, make sure Basil’s playground is free from hazardous electrical outlets and wires, along with highly chewable baseboards.

If Basil can tear himself away from his luxurious lifestyle, your Cameron Park vet wants to see your guinea pig for annual physical exams that include blood work and fecal tests. Your vet will also look for developing dental problems, extremely common to guinea pigs. With all this excellent care, Basil’s equipped for a healthy, enjoyable life with your family.

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