How to Talk Your Cat Into Staying Indoors

Have you recently decided to make your feline buddy an indoors-only cat? If so, you’ve made a great decision. Kitties that live indoors are safer and healthier, and live longer. Breaking the news to your furball might not be quite that simple, however, especially if Fluffy likes playing outside. It would be great if you could simply tell your kitty ‘No’, but it isn’t that simple. Or is it? Your cat might not understand your words, but your tone of voice and intention may still come through loud and clear. Here are some things you can try telling your cat to convince her to stay indoors, as put forth by your veterinarian El Dorado Hills.

Tell Fluffy About Her Indoors Toys

In order for Kitty to successfully adapt to indoor life, you’ll need to make the inside of your home as much fun as the outside. Get a cat tower or window perch and set it up at a window with a great view. This will allow your furball to monitor what’s going on outdoors without being exposed to any dangers. Kitty condos, scratching posts, and lots of toys will all help keep your furball comfortable and entertained. When your feline friend cries at the door, pick her up, tell her about her new favorite spot, and bring her there. Chances of her staying put are actually pretty good!

Inform Your Cat That Escape Attempts Will Be Met With Squirt Bottles

Fluffy may try to bolt through your legs as you are coming in and out. One good way to break her of this habit is to keep a squirt bottle handy. When you see your kitty scratching or sniffing around the door, squirt her. Most cats hate this. That said, some cats actually like water. If your feline pal is one of these, the squirt bottle won’t be very effective. Try using a bike horn or rattling a jar of change.

Explain That The Outside World Is Dangerous

Tell Kitty that going outdoors exposes her to many dangers, such as cars and predators. Outside, she is also more likely to get injured or lost, or catch parasites. Fluffy will probably give you a blank stare while you are talking, but don’t be surprised if she stops trying to go out.

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