Adopting a Rescued Dog

Adopting a rescued dog can be an absolutely amazing experience. Many dogs are aware of the fact that they have been saved, and reward their saviors with unconditional love and devout loyalty. Even the sweetest dog can have difficulty adjusting to a new life, however, so you’ll want to take measures to ensure a smooth transition. In this article, your local vet Cameron Park gives a few tips on adopting a rescued dog.

Before The Adoption

When you bring your new canine buddy home, you’ll want to start him out in one specific room. It’s best to choose a room without carpet, in case Fido has an accident. Doggy-proof the room before you pick up your new furry friend. Make sure to tape down any exposed electrical wires, put in a baby gate, and remove any breakables or toxic plants. You’ll also want to make sure your yard is secure and free of debris or vegetation that could hurt your pup.

Bringing Fido Home

Try to pick up your dog on a Friday when you can stay home that weekend, so you have a few days to bond with your new pal. You’ll also want to invest in a solid leash that won’t snap. Your pal might be nervous, and could bolt unexpectedly. A strong leash will help keep Fido from running away if he panics.

Settling In

If you make any changes to Fido’s menu or feeding schedule, do so slowly, so you don’t upset his tummy. Having a routine will help your dog feel safe, so put your canine pal on a set schedule for meals, playtime, and walks, and stick to it.

Moving Forward

It will take your new buddy some time to adjust and settle into your home. If your furry friend came from a bad situation, he could spook unexpectedly at something that reminds him of his past. Newspapers, chains, loud voices, and even leashes can have bad memories for dogs that have been abused or neglected. Give Fido time to feel safe, secure, and loved, and watch him blossom!

By adopting a rescued dog, you’ve helped save an animal’s life. There are few things that are more powerful than watching a frightened dog get a second chance. All of us here at your local vet clinic Cameron Park want to thank and salute those who adopt rescued dogs.


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