Master the ABCs of Kitten Nutrition

Your brand-new kitten Jasmine is a tiny feline firecracker. This morning, you brought this seven-week-old girl home from your city’s animal shelter, and she has already made herself right at home. Your feisty little cat has claimed her sleeping spot, gotten acquainted with her toys, and explored every nook and cranny at lightning speed. To keep up this fast-paced lifestyle, and support her rapid weight gain, she needs a specially formulated kitten blend. Tomorrow, your Cameron Park veterinarian will provide Jasmine with a new patient exam and a kitten-focused diet.

Nutrition-Packed Kitten Food

Some of Jasmine’s nutritional needs mirror those of your four-year-old cat Orchid. Both felines need about the same portions of fats, some vitamins, and fatty acids. However, your frenetic kitten must consume extra protein and amino acids. She’ll also benefit from a completely different mix of minerals and vitamins. Ideally, your kitten will get 30 percent of her energy from top-notch protein sources.

Good thing your vet is familiar with kitten nutrition. He’ll prescribe a tasty balanced diet that your fast-growing feline housemate will consume until she fully matures. Although she’d probably rather exist on cat treats, these little snacks should only comprise 5 percent of her daily calorie intake.

Multiple Daily Meals

Jasmine and Orchid will have different feeding schedules. Your active adult cat thrives on her two daily meals, as they provide plenty of energy for her playtime activities. She also has some extra “oomph” for chasing your dog through the house.

However, your hyperactive kitten needs more daily nutrition. She rarely stays in one place; and she only takes occasional breaks to eat, drink, pee, and poop. Every so often, she briefly naps to recharge herself for the next burst of activity. To maintain her demanding pace, she must chow down on three or four nutrition-packed meals daily.

Abundant Clean Water

Your little feline wind-up toy must lap plenty of clean, fresh water every day. With an always-full bowl, she can drink at her convenience. You’ll help to fend off dehydration, which can contribute to some troublesome medical conditions.

As Jasmine grows into adulthood, your Cameron Park veterinarian will give her regular physical checkups and resolve developing medical issues. He’ll also fine-tune your cat’s diet to meet her evolving nutritional needs. To provide your kitten with optimum nutrition, contact us for expert assistance.

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