Fluffy’s Pet Peeves – Things That Annoy Your Cat

Can you tell when your cat is annoyed? Just like people, kitties have some very specific likes and dislikes. While every animal is unique, many cats share common opinions about certain things. Below, a local Cameron Park, CA veterinarian lists some things that annoy our feline friends.

Not Enough Attention

Many of our feline friends hate being ignored. Fluffy will certainly let you know when she wants attention. If a simple meow doesn’t work, she may head-butt you, weave around your legs, or start knocking things off the coffee table.

Too Much Attention

Too much attention is just as bad as too little! Fluffy wants just the right amount of petting and cuddling. The ‘sweet spot’ is very, very precise. Your kitty could be purring and enjoying being petted, and then suddenly decide she’s had enough and walk away.

The Wrong Kind Of Attention

Fluffy can be very particular about just how she likes being petted. Some cats like belly rubs, while others hate having their tummies touched. Don’t pick Fluffy up if she doesn’t enjoy being held: try talking to her instead. And be sure not to rub her fur the wrong way!


Most kitties absolutely hate being bathed. This may be because cat fur emits strong odors when it’s wet, which could attract predators in the wild. Maybe Fluffy just knows she doesn’t look her best when that pretty fur is soaked. Whatever the reason, bath time is definitely another feline pet peeve!

Stale Food

Kitties are very particular about their food. It isn’t that Fluffy is trying to be fussy: wild kitties eat their prey fresh, so many cats will instinctively ignore anything that smells even a little off. Always give Fluffy the best pet food you can afford. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Soiled Litter Box

Our feline friends hate dirty bathrooms! A dirty litter box is another one of Kitty’s pet peeves. Be sure to scoop your furball’s litter box daily.


While some kitties are completely unfazed by visitors, others bolt for cover as soon as they hear an unfamiliar voice. And if a stray cat wanders through your yard, don’t be surprised if your sweet kitty suddenly turns into a furry little ball of anger!

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