Choosing a Collar for Your Cat

There sure are a lot of collar options out there for our cats. Are you wondering how to choose? Here, your Cameron Park, CA veterinarian tells you what to look for when purchasing a collar for your feline friend.


The majority of good cat collars are manufactured from nylon, and with good reason—it’s strong, difficult to tear, and non-irritable for your cat’s skin. Many nylon collars also come with reflective sections sewn in; these make your cat much more visible when it’s dark outside.

Some collars are made of other materials, such as leather. These options may also work for your cat, so ask your veterinarian for his or her opinion.


A good collar must have enough adjustment options to fit your cat’s neck properly. The general rule of thumb is this: two fingers should fit comfortably between your cat’s collar and the skin of the neck. This means that the collar isn’t too snug but isn’t loose enough that it could be slipped off. Keep in mind that a kitten’s neck size will increase with age; it’s a good idea to get a collar that will fit your cat through every stage of life.

Latching Mechanism

Every collar needs a solid latching mechanism to make sure it stays secure around your cat’s neck. Test the latching device to make sure it isn’t too flimsy or thin while still being easy to get apart should you have to remove your cat’s collar.

Quick-Release Option

Many collars come with a built-in quick-release mechanism. This safety measure allows the collar to automatically pull apart should it get snagged on something, preventing neck injury or strangulation. It’s especially useful for cats who spend time outdoors, as they’re more likely to get the collar snagged on a sharp object, fence post, or window ledge.

Never purchase a collar that is designed for a dog and try to fit it to your cat. The anatomy of cats and dogs is different, and it can cause harm to your cat if you use the wrong type of collar. Also take care to avoid using slip or choke collars, designed for canine training purposes, on your feline friend.

Would you like a recommendation on a great collar for your cat? Wondering if your cat’s current collar is up to snuff? Give your Cameron Park, CA animal hospital a call to discuss the matter further.

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