Great Ways to Pamper Your Cat on National Cat Day

October 29th is National Cat Day! While we think our feline friends should be honored and appreciated every day, this is a great time to show your cat some extra TLC. Below, a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some cute ways to pamper Fluffy on her special day.

Catnip Bubbles

Does your kitty go bananas over catnip? If so, try giving Fluffy her favorite plant in a new form. Look for catnip bubbles in local pet stores. Kitty can enjoy both the catnip and the fun of chasing bubbles! Results may vary.


Sure, Fluffy has no qualms about making herself comfy on your furniture, but that doesn’t mean your kitty won’t appreciate having some things of her own. You can buy your kitty a cat tower or condo, or cut costs by going the DIY route. Upcycle an old stepladder or shelving unit into a cat tower, or create a kitty tent out of an old tee shirt and a wire hangar.

Photo Fun

National Cat Day is a great time to take some super cute shots of your furball. Try using apps made just for taking pet pictures: they make silly noises that will get your furry friend’s attention. Given that Fluffy has a natural talent for looking away right as you’re about to snap her photo, this can come in really handy! Add some funny captions to the photos, and share them online.

Cat Grass

Cat grass is safe and fun for kitties, and many of our feline friends love it! You can find small containers of cat grass in most pet stores.

Veterinary Care

Okay, so bringing Fluffy to the vet may not be the cutest option on this list, but it’s definitely the most necessary! If your furry pal is due for shots or an examination, or if she needs microchipping or spay/neuter surgery, let this serve as your reminder to schedule an appointment.

Other Options

Of course, this is by no means a complete list of ways to spoil your cat. Some more of Fluffy’s favorite things include canned tuna, interactive play sessions, window views, soft blankets, catnip toys, and, of course, boxes. Good cuddle and/or grooming sessions are also appropriate!

Do you have any questions about caring for your kitty? We can help! Please contact us, your Cameron Park, CA veterinary clinic, anytime.

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