Gardening with Fido

Are you torn between gardening and giving your dog the run of the yard? Man’s Best Friend has been known to dig up a few gardens in his day, but with a bit of careful planning, you can have both happy plants and a happy pet. In this article, a local Cameron Park, CA vet discusses gardening with Fido.

Ground Covers

Due to our recent droughts and water restrictions, many Californians are revisiting their yards and landscaping, and replacing grass with more drought-friendly ground covers. There are many excellent choices for ground covers that are safe for dogs but don’t need much water. Artificial turf is one great option. You can also use pea gravel, buffalo grass, thyme, or wide paving stones.


Are you concerned that Fido will tear up your flowerbeds and/or veggie patch? Watch your pooch when he’s in the yard, and observe his doggy traffic patterns. If he tends to patrol back and forth in one area, design your garden pathways around your pup’s highway.


Another way to keep Fido from trampling your plants is to place borders along the edges of your beds. You can use driftwood, picket fences, or stone walls.

Container Gardening

Container gardens are another great option for people with pups. You can use box gardens, or just get large plant pots. You might be surprised at how much produce a box garden can turn out!

Vertical Gardening

Many plants actually do quite well in vertical gardens. One great option is to upcycle a pallet into a vertical herb garden. Use moss or coconut fiber to hold the soil in place.

Choosing The Right Plants

Many of our favorite plants are poisonous to dogs, so be sure to choose plants that are safe for Fido. For a complete list of both toxic and non-toxic plants, check the ASPCA website.


Fido will be much more likely to misbehave if he’s bored. Play with your dog every day, make sure he is getting ample exercise, and offer him lots of fun toys.

Fido Zone

Another option is simply section off your yard. Fido can have his own doggy run and play zone, and you can still enjoy your garden. Just be sure your pooch has plenty of shelter, shade, water, and toys.

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