Pet Microchips 101

You’ve probably heard of microchips for pets by now. If you have questions about microchips and what they can do for your pet, look no further—here, your Cameron Park, CA vet goes over some of the basics.

What’s a Microchip, Exactly?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip on which a number is electronically implanted. The chip is housed in a small capsule that is inserted under your pet’s skin. Specialized scanners at animal shelters and vets’ offices can read this number, which corresponds to the chip manufacturer’s database and contains your contact information. In this fashion, if a lost pet is returned to a shelter or animal hospital, the professionals there can get the pet returned to the rightful owner very easily.

What are the Advantages of Microchips?

For one, microchips can’t be removed by pets, the way a collar containing ID tags may be chewed off or snagged and ripped. This way, you never have to worry; your pet is constantly identified, no matter what! In addition, microchips are semi-permanent, and don’t have to be replaced should you move or get a new phone number. All it takes is a quick call to the chip company to have your information updated electronically.

Can I Track My Pet’s Movements?

No, microchips do not contain GPS technology for tracking your pet. Other devices on the market do offer this capability, however. Some believe that GPS technology may be included in pet microchips in the future.

What’s the Procedure Like?

The microchip capsule is inserted just under the first few layers of your pet’s skin using a special syringe. It’s usually placed between the shoulder blades, and the capsule contains small barbs that prevent it from migrating very far from the original insertion site. It only takes a few moments, and your pet won’t feel any pain.

Is There Any Chance of Side Effects?

In rare cases, minor irritation and/or swelling can occur at the insertion site. This usually goes away on its own, but let your vet know if you think your pet is suffering. Such symptoms are easily treatable.

How Do I Get My Pet a Microchip?

Would you like to get your pet a microchip? Do you have more questions about microchips and their benefits? Set up an appointment at your Cameron Park, CA veterinary hospital today to get your pet the identification he or she needs.

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