Five Decor Tips for Hiding Litterboxes

Kitties are wonderful pets and companions. They help make a house a home, and always put smiles on our faces with their adorable mannerisms and lovable characters. There are many reasons cats are such popular pets. For one, Fluffy is naturally very clean. She’ll groom herself each day, and discreetly relieve herself in her own private bathroom. While it’s great that our feline friends use litterboxes, Fluffy’s powder room probably isn’t going to do much for your décor. We can help! Below, a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some great options for hiding litterboxes.

Folding Screens

Folding screens are a great way to conceal litterboxes. Set the screen up kitty-corner, leaving just enough room for Fluffy to get in and out. To protect the screen, we recommend using a piece of plastic, or getting a covered litterbox.

Storage Totes

Another good option is to repurpose a storage tote. Just cut a hole in it for your furball to use as a door. To make it more attractive, decorate it with contact paper, paint, stickers, or stencils.

Custom Pieces

Several companies are now making customized furniture designed specifically to hide your feline friend’s facilities. You can even get litterboxes cleverly disguised as plant pots. Look online for examples of various styles and pricing options. You may be surprised at how many attractive pieces you can find!

Repurposed End Table

An upcycled end table can make a great litterbox holder. You can use one that has doors: just cut a hole in the side or back for your feline friend to get through, and then use the doors for cleaning access. Or, get a simple, four-legged one. To make it look more attractive, drape a piece of fabric over it.

Plant Holder

Another good idea is to get a plant holder with multiple levels, and use that. (Bonus: plants will also help keep your home smelling better.) The trick here is to arrange things so that you can reach the litterbox without having to move the plants, but that may be easier than you think! Be sure to only choose plants that are safe for Fluffy! The ASPCA website offers a full list of both toxic and non-toxic plants, which can be found here.

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