Dog Park Safety Tips

Does your pooch like to get out and about? Going to the doggy park can be a great way to get that furry tail wagging, and help Fido burn off some of his excess energy. There are some important safety precautions to take when bringing your canine pal out to a doggy park, however. A Cameron Park, CA vet offers some safety tips for visiting the dog park in this article.


Before bringing your pup to the doggy park, make sure that Fido is up to date on all of his vaccinations. Keep copies of his paperwork with you. We recommend putting copies in your glove box, so you always have them handy. Your pooch should also be up to date on his parasite control. You definitely don’t want to risk your furry friend contracting heartworm on his playdate!


Microchipping is a quick and simple precaution, but it’s very important! If Fido hasn’t been microchipped yet, we recommend seeing to this right away. Your furry friend should also be wearing current ID tags.


Proper training is crucial, both for behavioral and safety reasons. Make sure your canine friend knows the five most important doggy obedience commands, which are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down.

Screen Your Pet’s Buddies

Always put your pet’s safety first. Before letting Fido off-leash, watch the other dogs in the park. If you see any signs of aggressive or rowdy behavior, take your four-legged pal somewhere else, and come back another day. You’ll also want to watch for intact males, and female dogs that could be in heat. Try to choose parks that offer separate areas for big and small pooches, so your furry friend can play with pets that are close to his size. Needless to say, if you have a little dog, don’t let your pup loose in a pack of big dogs.

Avoid Conflict

If there’s one thing all dogs love, it’s snacks. Handing out yummy treats to your furry buddy in the presence of other dogs can cause quite a ruckus! Be discreet, or, better yet, save Fido’s snacks for later. We also don’t recommend bringing a strong-smelling lunch for yourself: you may find yourself surrounded by pooches that are hoping you’ll share.

Do you have any questions about your canine pal’s health or care? Call us, your Cameron Park, CA animal clinic, today!

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