Puppy Training Tips

Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your household? Good for you! Fido’s puppyhood is a very important time in his life. Your adorable new pal will develop many of his opinions about life, petiquette, and what being a dog is all about while he’s little. The sooner your furry little friend starts training, the better! Read on for some great puppy training tips from a local Cameron Park, CA vet.

Class Schedule

It’s very important for your canine buddy to learn basic doggy obedience commands. The five main ones are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Make sure little Fido knows each one before moving on to the next. You don’t want to confuse your furry student by trying to teach him too many things at once. Puppies don’t have very long attention spans, so keep classes short and sweet.


Housetraining can—and should—start right away. Housetraining works very well with crate training, because dogs will naturally try to avoid soiling the spot where they sleep. You can start work on your little buddy’s obedience training while he is still being housebroken and crate trained.

Keep It Positive

When training your puppy, you want to be sure to keep things positive, so your four-legged pupil doesn’t form a bad association with learning. Don’t work with little Fido when you’re having a bad day or feeling anxious, as your perceptive canine buddy will quickly sense your bad mood. You also want to focus on rewarding good behavior, rather than correcting bad behavior. Use praise and yummy treats to let your furry friend know he’s done something correctly. Since you don’t want to accidentally overfeed the little guy, choose smaller snacks, like cut-up hot dogs or bits of kibble.


When training puppies, consistency and patience are crucial. Give your furry friend time to learn, and to understand what is expected of him. This may mean steeling yourself against some super-cute antics. If you don’t want Fido begging as an adult, don’t fall for the sad puppy expression now! It’s also very important to stick to the rules you set for your pet. Otherwise, little Fido will think he doesn’t have to take your word seriously.

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