Integrative Patient of the Month, April

Meet Dash! Dash is an 11 1/2 year old mixed breed dog with bilateral hip dysplasia. His mom decided to pursue Integrative Therapies when Dash started having undesirable side effects from the medications used to treat his condition. Dash’s mom writes:

“Dash was diagnosed 9 years ago with double hip dysplasia when he was only 2 years old; already at that time, the x rays revealed bones rubbing on bones in his hip sockets. He was bunny hopping up the stairs, couldn’t jump up on the bed and was clearly in considerable pain. We immediately began a regimen of NSAIDS, which necessitated having his blood tested twice a year for evidence of liver or kidney damage, and we had to change medications several times as his system became taxed by the side effects of these pain relievers. 
When Dr. Cahoon suggested acupuncture, I was initially concerned that it would be time consuming and very expensive – and wondered if it would work. It turns out that my fears were unfounded. We have been taking Dash for acupuncture with Dr. McKerney for just a few months and Dash has responded incredibly! He has stopped taking all but one morning dose of his Previcox, and no more tramadol. He gets treatments once a month and literally bounds out of the office like a puppy. We supplement him with Chinese herbs in his diet, which Dr. McKerney adjusts according to the seasonal temps, and he is thriving. He can climb the stairs, jump up on the bed at night, and get around our backyard slope with amazing vigor. We’re hopeful that once the weather warms up, we can stop the Previcox completely. Best of all, I’m not worrying about his health with NSAID side effects. I highly recommend giving acupuncture a try – wish we would have known about it sooner.”

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