3 Ways to Keep Your Bunny From Chewing Improperly

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Rabbits are absolutely charming, and can make wonderful pets. These adorable furballs do have some very specific needs, however. One thing that bunny owners need to understand is that Floppy has a very strong need to chew. If your pet doesn’t chew enough, she could develop painful dental problems. Since bunnies aren’t particularly picky about what they nibble on, keeping your pet and your belongings safe will take a bit of pet parenting. Read on as a local Cameron Park, CA vet offers advice on teaching Floppy to chew properly.

Suitable Chewing Options

Make sure Floppy has plenty of suitable chew toys. These can be items made of wood, cardboard, paper, or wicker. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your furball’s playthings: you can make all sorts of cute bunny toys out of household items. The cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls, for instance, can make great chew toys. Just be sure to choose materials that are safe and clean. You’ll also want to avoid anything with small parts or sharp edges, as these can be dangerous. It’s also important to make sure Floppy always has plenty of fresh grass hay to nibble on.


Bunnies are quite smart. Floppy is entirely capable of learning what she should and should not chew on. Training bunnies can be tricky, however. These adorable furballs can be quite stubborn! You never want to punish your pet for chewing improperly. Floppy won’t understand your reaction, as, in her mind, she was just behaving naturally. Instead, stamp your foot or clap your hands, and tell your cute pet No. Then, give her a suitable chew toy. If she goes for it, reward her with praise and perhaps a yummy treat.


Bunnyproofing is a must for rabbit owners. You’ll want to remove or secure wires and cords; toxic plants; medicine; plastic bags; and any chemicals, such as cleaning agents. Use protective coverings on furniture legs, baseboards, carpets, and closets. Bunnies love getting into things, so seal off any empty spaces behind cabinets and beneath sofas and beds .You’ll also want to keep small and personal items, such as shoes and purses, away from your adorable chewing machine.

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