Integrative Medicine Patient of the Month, July

Meet Teddy!  Teddy’s mom writes about their experiences with integrative therapies over the past year:
“Teddy is  a 19 year old Blue Manx cat.  In his youth he was very active, climbing, jumping, playing chase, and doing all of the things that healthy cats do. As he aged he slowed down.  He became arthritic and was having difficulty jumping up on low furniture, and started walking with a stiff gait. He did not like his lower back or hind quarters touched and expressed displeasure (quite loudly!) when he was petted or brushed in that area.  He also experienced sporadic bouts of pancreatitis.
Dr. Cahoon suggested acupuncture and herbal supplements. It has been a year now, and under the wonderful care of Dr.’s Cahoon and McKerney and the Veterinary Healing Centers team,  I can see a very notable improvement.  He can jump up and down from low furniture, his gait has picked up (he even runs sometimes!) his hind quarters are not as sensitive, and his appetite has improved.  He has not had a pancreatic episode in all that time. I would recommend these treatments to anyone who loves their best four legged friend.”
Liz Fambrini, Teddy’s Mom

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