July Fourth Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Are you planning on including your canine companion in the Fourth of July festivities? Do so with caution so that everyone stays happy! Here, your Cameron Park, CA veterinarian tells you how to keep Fido safe and sound this holiday.

Leave Fido at Home During Fireworks

Dogs don’t enjoy fireworks the way we do—in fact, the loud bangs and brilliant flashes usually terrify them. Don’t bring your dog to the local fireworks display, because there’s too great a risk of him running away into the night. Instead, leave your pooch at home, secured in a room that he won’t be able to escape from.

Caution with At-Home Pyrotechnics

Are you going to be setting off fireworks, firecrackers, or sparklers in your driveway to celebrate the nation’s independence? Keep in mind that home-use pyrotechnics like these can also startle and scare dogs into running away. In addition, don’t let Fido get too close, as fireworks like these can burn a pet’s face or paws. It’s safest to keep your dog indoors when setting off fireworks.

Toxic Food Trouble

If you’re having a holiday picnic or party, make sure your dog doesn’t get his paws on any dangerous foods. Plenty of common picnic foods—onions, garlic, chives, avocado, salty items, chocolate, candy, grapes and raisins, certain types of nuts, and much more—can prove harmful to a pet who manages to ingest them. Don’t leave dangerous food items within reach of your dog.

Beware of Alcohol

Will your holiday celebrations include alcoholic beverages? Remember that alcohol of all types, including beer, liquor, wine, and champagne, isn’t good for dogs. In fact, alcohol affects our canine companions exactly how it affects us. The difference is, it only takes small amounts to result in poisoning. Keep a close eye on all alcoholic beverages to make sure your dog doesn’t imbibe.

Heat and Sun Safety

Another major Fourth hazard is the heat and sun that comes with this time of year. Bring your dog indoors regularly to allow him to cool off in the air conditioning. Also make sure he has access to a dish of cool, fresh water at all times to prevent dehydration. You may also consider applying a canine-formulated sunscreen, available at pet supply stores and retail outlets, to areas of exposed skin.

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