Getting Your Dog to Take His Pill

If you’ve ever had to give your canine companion a pill, you know it can often be easier said than done. Many times, it’s easier to trick your dog into taking his medication than it is to administer it manually! Here, your Cameron Park, CA veterinarian gives you some helpful hints.

Hide in Food

Try pressing your dog’s pill medication into the center of a glob of wet dog food, inside a soft treat, or wrapping it up in a small roll of lean deli meat. More often than not, your pooch will gobble up this morsel without even realizing that the pill was inside! Of course, you’ll want to check with your veterinarian to make sure this is safe; sometimes, medication is supposed to be given on an empty stomach.

Try Pill Pockets

Pill pockets are small treats with a “pocket” designed specifically for holding medication. These items taste like any other delicious dog treat to your canine companion, so your pet is likely to gobble them right up. Pill pockets are available at pet supply shops and certain retail outlets.

The Toss Trick

If your dog enjoys catching morsels in mid-air as they’re tossed in his direction, use this to your advantage. Toss a dog treat or two, then your pet’s pill, then another dog treat to finish it off. With luck, your dog won’t even notice the pill in the midst of the stream of treats!

Crush or Grind

In some instances, you can crush or grind up your dog’s pill, then sprinkle it over his food or stir it in to cover the medication. Unless your pooch is extremely picky, he’s likely to eat his meal normally without realizing he’s taken any medication. It’s very important that you consult your vet before crushing or grinding a pill, though—sometimes, pills can be rendered ineffective when ground up. In addition, time-release capsules should never be crushed, as they may introduce an overdose of mediation to your dog’s system.

Ask About Chewables

Were you aware that various dog medications and vitamins now come in chewable varieties? These pills are made to taste just like a dog treat, so dogs usually take to them quite well. Ask your veterinarian if any of your dog’s meds come in a chewable form.

For more information on administering medication to your dog safely and effectively, contact your Cameron Park, CA animal hospital.

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