All About Your New Puppy’s Vaccinations

August is Immunization Awareness Month—if you’ve recently adopted a brand-new puppy, vaccinations are something you will have to address in short order! Here, your Cameron Park, CA vet goes over the basics of vaccines for puppies.

How Exactly Do Vaccines Work, Anyway?

Vaccines introduce a small, virtually harmless strain of a disease to your dog’s system. This stimulates your dog’s immune system into producing antibodies to that particular disease. In this fashion, your dog is prepared to recognize and fight off the illness should the real disease ever affect them later in life.

What Vaccines Does My Pup Need?

All puppies need the core vaccines, which are given to protect against particularly common, contagious, and/or dangerous diseases. The core batch is usually given when a puppy is young (often as early as six weeks of age, with the vaccine regimen culminating somewhere around 16 weeks of age), and includes vaccination against distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, and rabies. Your veterinarian can give you further details about these particular diseases and the symptoms they may cause; call the office today to speak with a professional.

Some puppies may benefit from non-core vaccines, which help some animals but aren’t required for all. The Bordetella vaccine is one example; Bordetella causes kennel cough, so the vaccine will be helpful for a dog who will be boarded frequently later in life. Ask your veterinarian about other specific vaccinations your puppy may need.

Do the Shots Hurt My Puppy?

No—like human vaccinations, your pup’s vaccines are administered through subcutaneous injection (a normal shot). All your dog will feel is a momentary pinch before the process is over. Many puppies are too rambunctious and high-energy to even realize they’ve been given a shot!

What About Side Effects?

Side effects from vaccination aren’t common, but they are possible. Low-grade fever, soreness, redness or inflammation at the injection site, and other minor symptoms may present themselves. In most cases, these issues will subside on their own. If they don’t, let your veterinarian know promptly to get your dog the proper treatment.

How Do I Get My Puppy the Proper Vaccines?

Does your dog need core or non-core vaccinations? Wondering about the booster-shot schedule to keep your pup’s vaccines effective? Set up an appointment today to see your Cameron Park, CA veterinarian. It’s one of the best things you can ever do for your dog’s health and happiness!

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