Integrative Patient of the Month, August

This is our buddy, Buck!  Buck is currently undergoing therapy for arthritis.  Read below to hear about his owner’s experience with laser therapy, acupuncture, and herbs:

“We adopted Buck from a lab rescue group at 8 years young. We knew he had arthritis and was on 2 different medications (1 for pain and 1 anti-inflammatory). My mom had told me about a friend of hers with an older lab who had great success with laser therapy. Our vet at the time did not offer laser therapy so we went searching for one who did and we could not feel luckier to have found Veterinary Healing Center of EDH. We started seeing Dr. Cahoon a little over a year ago and he explained how a combination of laser, acupuncture and herbs could help ease Buck off his pain pills or at least reduce his intake. He now takes half the amount of pain pills that he used to and is completely off the anti-inflammatory that had the potential to cause kidney damage. He used to have trouble going up the stairs in our house and now at age 11 he goes up and down happily and with the ease of a much younger pup! He also used to have pain getting up and out of his bed in the morning and now he gets right up and runs around to wake us up! We highly recommend laser and herbs as they have given Buck the pep back in his step and we are so thankful he’s no longer in pain! We are also thankful to the doctors and staff who treat Buck with such care. He loves going in for his treatments!”

-Buck’s mommy Brooke

buck doggles

Buck is so sweet.  His technicians have noticed that he becomes very relaxed and calm during his laser treatments, right down to taking a nap during them, and giving kisses when they’re done.  We LOVE his visits!  Call us today at (916)933-6030 if you think your fur baby could benefit from laser therapy!

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