Dog Bathing Hacks

Does your dog run and hide when you say the word Bath? Bathing is definitely not one of Fido’s favorite things. However, good grooming is very important to Fido’s health! Below, a Cameron Park, CA vet offers some great dog bathing tips.


Do you usually end up getting soaked when bathing Fido? Get a clear shower curtain, and cut two slits in it. You’ll want to put these cuts about shoulder-width apart. They should be about four feet high, and start at the bottom of the curtain. When you bathe your pooch, use the slits as armholes. You’ll be able to see, but you won’t get splashed.


Don’t get soap in Fido’s eyes! Get a teapot or pitcher for rinsing his head, and just use a damp washcloth to clean his face. You may also find it convenient to get your canine friend a shower caddy, and keep all of his bath items in that. Always use products that are made for pets: human shampoos are not safe for dogs.


When you say the word Bath, do you immediately hear the sound of pawsteps running away as your furry friend bolts for cover? Help your pooch reconsider his opinion of bath time. Tell Fido it’s time for a bath, then bring him into the bathroom and give him a special treat, like a burger or even a steak. Then, just let him go. Repeat this a few times. You can also offer your canine buddy a fun new toy.

Prep Work

Put towels down on the floor before bringing Fido into the bathroom, to soak up spills. You may also want to brush your pet the day before his bath, to remove dead fur from his coat. Clip Fido’s nails and put a rubber mat in the tub to prevent scratches. Last but not least, before bathing Fido, tire him out with a fun play session, so he’ll be calmer during his bath.

Drain Saver

Try putting a baby wipe over your drain to catch the fur. You can also look online for products made specifically to keep hair out of drains.

The Afterbath

All done? Give Fido a yummy treat! When he’s dry, enjoy some cuddle time with your fresh, clean pet!

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