Alternative Medicine for Pets

One area that is seeing quite a bit of growth in the veterinary industry is the use of alternative medicine. Treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and herbal medicine are becoming more popular, and with good reason: they can be very effective, and can help our four-legged friends overcome many various health issues. A local Cameron Park, CA veterinarian talks about alternative medicine in this article.

What is Alternative Medicine?

Although the term alternative medicine can be loosely used to define a broad number of treatments, typically it refers to the use of acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, and/or Chinese herbal therapy in treating pets. Alternative treatments don’t replace traditional veterinary care, but they work very well in conjunction with it. For example, a senior dog with arthritis may enjoy greater mobility and reduced pain after being treated with alternative medicine. Fido will still need his vaccines and exams, however.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many great reasons to consider alternative therapies. For instance, acupuncture treatments can be repeated as often as needed. In fact, continued treatments often result in continued improvement! There is little down time after sessions. Pets may be sleepy after an acupuncture treatment, but they don’t need any recovery time, aside from perhaps a good nap. Side effects are extremely rare. Homeopathic medicine and Chinese herbal medicine can also be safely used to treat a wide variety of illnesses in our four-legged buddies. But, most importantly, alternative treatments helps our animal friends feel better, and can reduce their pain and increase their quality of life.

What Is It Used For?

Alternative medicine can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses in pets. For instance, acupuncture can help pets with heart problems, bone/joint issues, such as arthritis, and gastrointestinal issues. They can also help animals with spinal issues, and even skin problems. Senior pets, pets with chronic pain, and pets with organ trouble may all benefit from these gentle yet effective healing techniques.


If you think your pet may benefit from alternative medicine, ask your vet for more information. While it may not be the best route to take for all of our furry friends, it won’t hurt to ask!

Do you think your pet may benefit from alternative medicine? Please feel free to call us anytime. As your local Cameron Park, CA animal clinic, we are always happy to help!

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