4 Ways to Keep Your Cat Active

Is your cat sleeping right now? There’s a pretty good chance that she is. While Fluffy’s fondness for naps is absolutely adorable, it can make it hard for her to stay in shape. You probably won’t have much luck convincing your cat to do stair runs, so you may need to nudge—or bribe—your feline buddy into staying active. A Cameron Park, CA vet tells you how to do that in this article.


Offer your cat lots of toys to bat around and push under the couch. Kitties all have their own unique tastes: some like balls, while others prefer catnip mice or feather toys. You can also get Fluffy some really cute modern toys, like an automated laser pointer or robotic mouse.


Take some time to play with your feline pal every day. Use toys that you can control, like a laser pointer or wand toy. This will make the experience more realistic—and fun—for your furball. Even just a few minutes of jumping and pouncing will be beneficial. Don’t worry about overtiring your pet: when Fluffy has had enough, she’ll just make herself comfortable and settle in for a nap.

Kitty Furniture

Cat furniture can be great, because it promotes physical activity. Kitty towers encourage cats to climb, jump, and play. Tunnels and tents make great hiding spots for kitties that like to ambush their owners by running out at them as they walk past. If your feline friend likes to climb, look into getting some wall-mounted furniture.


When trying to get a cat to do, well, pretty much anything, sometimes you have to resort to subterfuge. Call your furry pal to you from the other end of the house. (Of course, some cats will completely ignore their humans’ summons, but that’s another topic.) If your kitty comes running, give her some attention, or even pick her up, so she doesn’t think her efforts were wasted. Another thing you can do is to simply toss a toy or a ball of paper down the hall. Fluffy will probably run after it, just out of sheer instinct and curiosity.

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