Fido’s Cutest Habits

Dogs have many wonderful qualities. They’re smart, brave, loyal, loving, and devoted, to name just a few things. Of course, Fido is also pretty cute! Our canine buddies have a way of making us smile, even on bad days, just by being their adorable selves. Read on as a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some of Man’s Best Friend’s cutest habits.

Head Tilt

Does your dog sometimes tilt his head when you ask him a question? There’s a pretty good chance that this endearing habit is just Fido’s way of saying ‘What?’… and it’s completely charming!

Attention Request

Does Fido sometimes run up to you, holding his favorite toy? One look at your canine pal’s furry face, and you know he’s just hoping you’ll play with him. It can be hard to refuse this adorable request!

Happy Dance

Dogs are able to love us wholly and unconditionally. You are the apple of Fido’s eye, and the center of his universe. Seeing your pet jump for joy to see you when you come home can brighten up any day!


To be clear, we don’t encourage begging. It’s bad doggy manners, and is definitely a factor in canine obesity rates. That said, we can’t deny that Fido looks pretty cute when he looks up at you with those sad eyes, hoping you’ll share your cheeseburger.

Doggy Heaven

When you help your furry pal out by scratching an itch, Fido may close his eyes and lean into your hand. Sometimes he’ll thump a foot with delight when you hit the right spot. This is just one more way our canine friends make us smile!

Paw On The Leg

Sometimes Fido may put a paw on your leg, either to request a walk or a game of fetch, or possibly just to show support. This is just one of many ways our furry buddies show their love and devotion, and it’s super cute.

Tail Wags

When Fido is really happy, he may wag his tail so vigorously that his whole rear end moves. Of course, sometimes you’ll only need to look at your dog to get that furry tail going. Man’s Best Friend is often too happy to notice—or care—when their tails are thumping up against something. Heart-melting!

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