Integrative Patient of the Month, November

Everyone, meet sweet Charley girl!  Read more to hear Charley’s mom recount her experience with Charley’s eastern medicine treatments.

“Charley was an 8 month old kitten living in a cat colony of about 30 cats in my friend’s backyard. Unlike the other cats, Charley was not skittish and was the only one to come up to the plates as I filled them during the many months of my friend’s illness. In February, when temperatures hit freezing over night, I took Charley home via a 5 day stay at a vet clinic. Charley was very small and covered with flea bites.  I thought she might be 4 months old. Her teeth indicated she was at least 8 months old, just malnourished. Now I think she may already have had damaged kidneys from birth or some toxin she ingested.

About 2 years ago her blood work indicated that her kidneys were bad and I started her on daily subcue fluids and a special diet. Despite this treatment, her kidney values continued to get worse. When her Western medicine doctor predicted that even though she was not quite six years old, Charley would only live another year, I sought out Dr. Cahoon and the hope that Eastern or alternative medicine offered. Charley has been seeing Dr. Cahoon and Dr. McKerney for 5 months now. She receives acupuncture and takes Chinese herbs. She looks good and I’m optimistic about extending her life while maintaining its good quality.” –Charley’s mom, Marsha

We are so happy to hear that Charley and Marsha have had such a positive experience with the complementary Eastern medicine options they’ve been receiving.  If you think your pet might benefit from an Integrative blend of East-meets-West medicine, please call us today at (916)933-6030 to schedule an Eastern consultation!  We can’t wait to meet you!

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