The Advantages of Adopting a Senior Dog

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Dog month? This is truly a wonderful cause! Dogs in their golden years are super sweet, and have a lot of love to give. In fact, there are some terrific benefits to adopting older pets! Below, a local Cameron Park, CA veterinarian lists some great reasons to consider adopting a senior dog.

Sweet Demeanor

As our canine friends grow older, they tend to become very calm, friendly, and affectionate. Many people find that they really enjoy the sweet, lovable demeanor of senior dogs.

Lower Exercise Needs

Our canine pals are basically furry little bundles of energy when they are young, but they slow down quite a bit as they age. Fido won’t need as much exercise or activity as his younger counterparts. Senior citizens, people in apartments, and anyone without the energy to keep up with an active dog may find that an older pooch is a great match for them.

Previous Experience

Puppies are adorable, but training them takes both time and energy. Generally, the senior dogs that are up for adoption have been pets before, and are often already trained. This can make things much easier on you!

Shorter Commitment

When you adopt a dog, you’re committing to taking good care of Fido for the rest of his life. This is not something to take lightly! Since senior pets don’t have as much time left as younger pups, they are a great option for people who aren’t sure if they are ready for a long-term commitment.

Save A Life

Senior dogs are often have a very hard time getting adopted. Adopting an older pet is a wonderful and rewarding act of compassion, and something you can really feel great about.


Man’s Best Friend is smart enough to know when he’s been rescued. Dogs tend to be extremely loyal and devoted to their saviors. Senior pooches are full of tail wags and doggy kisses, and just want someone to love them!

Irresistible Cuteness

Older dogs are just as adorable as puppies in their own way. Fido will look super cute when he’s napping in the sun or snoozing at your feet!

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