Integrative Patient of the Month, December

This is Mr. PeeWee!  PeeWee has struggled with Intervertebral Disc Disease and Osteoarthritis, both of which have impacted his quality of life significantly.  Read below to learn more about his mom’s experiences with his Integrative Medicine Treatments!

“Six years ago you could toss a ball straight up 30 feet in the air and PeeWee would catch it like a pro. Then, one day he missed his catch. Shortly, he missed them all and could not see the ball at all. He was slowly going blind. But, to make matters worse, he woke one day and his back legs would not work at all. He was scheduled for back surgery which was successful.  At least once a year he’d have a sore back, the vets would advise pain meds and rest, and he’d recover. Recently, his back hurt so badly his back left leg had no function and he was in pain with muscle spasms. I had to hold his back end up to do his business every morning.  After a week he wasn’t healing with the traditional rest and pain meds. I read about the Veterinary Healing Center and their Eastern/Western approach with their beloved patients. I called to find out if they would treat PeeWee with acupuncture and laser treatment. It’s taken a few weeks and a lot of patience, but we followed doctors orders, brought him in for several treatments of both modalities and he began to show strength in his weak leg, and the pain meds kept him quiet and sedated so he could heal.  We still have to keep him confined and he’s allowed out for a few minutes a day, but that’s not because he doesn’t want to. After the last laser/acupuncture treatment I noticed for the first time in weeks that his tail was up and wagging. He was happy again. By the publication of this article he’ll be free to roam at will again and we have options now in making sure he remains pain free.”

-PeeWee’s mom, Donna

This video was recorded prior to PeeWee’s Eastern treatments.  

This video was recorded after 3 acupuncture treatments, 5 laser treatments, and some ongoing herbal therapies 

We are so happy to see PeeWee’s drastic improvements!  At Veterinary Healing Center, our doctors and nurses strive to find the perfect balance between Western and Eastern modalities in an effort to ensure all of our patients can achieve their best quality of life possible.  If you’re interested in exploring Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, and Herbal Therapy for your furbaby, please call us at (916)933-6030 to set up an Eastern consultation!

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