Love Your Pet Day

Did you know that February 20th is officially Love Your Pet Day? Of course, our animal friends deserve to be loved every day. Our beloved pets really brighten up our lives, and make our families complete. They also keep us smiling with their adorable mannerisms and antics, which is a wonderful gift in and of itself. Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet offers suggests some great ways to make this day extra special for your furry—or feathered—best friend.


We all know that the easiest way to get Fido’s tail going is … treats! Plain, cooked meat, chicken, or fish, with the bones, skin, and fat removed, is a great way to pamper your pooch. Our canine pals also love new toys and comfy beds. If you have a senior pet, consider getting Fido pet ramps or stairs. Pain management treatments, such as laser therapy, can also be very helpful for older dogs. Ask your vet for more information.


One of the reason cats make such wonderful pets is the fact that they are actually quite easy to please. The simplest way to activate Fluffy’s purr is get her a new bed. Just put it on the floor in front of your cat, and tell her not to use it. Your kitty will hop right in and make herself comfortable! A fun new toy, like a robotic mouse, catnip bubbles, or an automated laser pointer, will please your feline overlord as well. Kitties also enjoy small pots of catnip or cat grass, comfy window seats, and, of course, pet furniture.

Pocket Pets

Little pets need love too! Gerbils, hamsters, bunnies, Guinea pigs, and other tiny furballs are super cute, and can make wonderful pets. These pint-sized pets spend lots of time in their cages, so if you think your furry friend could use more room, this is a great time to upgrade his or her cage. Chew toys are also a great gift for smaller animals. Ask your vet for specific advice.


As with pocket pets, a new cage would be a great gift for Polly. Your little feathered friend may also appreciate new toys, fun perches, or a special snack. Ask your vet for advice.

Proper veterinary care can help any pet feel better, and stay healthier. Please feel free to contact us, your local Cameron Park, CA animal clinic, anytime.

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