Fluffy’s Climbing Skills

Does your cat like high places? Are you constantly plucking Fluffy off bookcases and countertops? If so, you certainly aren’t the only one! Many of our feline pals are actually very fond of heights. A Cameron Park, CA vet discusses Fluffy’s climbing skills below.

Why Kitties Climb

There are many reasons Fluffy loves heights so much. If you think about it, cats don’t really have a great vantage point from floor level. Climbing to a higher spot gives kitties a much better view of what is going on around them. In the wild, this also allows them to spot both predators and prey. (Note: we also suspect that our furry friends really enjoy looking smugly down on their human servants from an elevated position.)

The Claw Clause

Have you ever wondered why some cats are so good at climbing up trees, and so bad at going down them? This is because Fluffy’s nails are curved in a way that makes it easy for her to scale things, like trees, shower curtains, and, for kittens, their humans’ legs. Climbing up is very easy and instinctive for our feline pals. Getting back down is much trickier, and has to be learned.

Indulging Fluffy’s Climbing Skills

We recommend giving your adorable athlete a cat tower, or perhaps some wall-mounted cat furniture. This will give your pet a suitable way to practice her mountaineering skills. Her Furry Majesty will also enjoy being able to relax in a high spot from which she can look down on her kingdom. Last but not least, the exercise and activity your cat gets from climbing will help keep her strong and healthy.

Breaking Bad Habits

Fluffy’s love of heights can be frustrating, especially if your furball has a habit of jumping onto your counters. Here is a trick to help break your mischievous pet’s bad habit: put cookie sheets on the counter, where she usually jumps up. Position the sheet so that it is slightly sticking out over the edge of the counter. When your cat jumps up, she’ll probably knock the sheet down. This won’t hurt your feline buddy, but it will make a loud noise, which, as we all know, cats absolutely hate. The racket may spook your kitty enough to make her wary of the counter.

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