Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

Does your canine pal have a yard to patrol? If so, that’s great! Man’s Best Friend loves fresh air and sunshine! The exercise your pooch will get chasing squirrels is also very beneficial for him. Making your yard both safe and fun for your dog is very important! In this article, a Cameron Park, CA veterinarian discusses creating a dog-friendly yard.

Ground Cover

Water restrictions and persistent droughts have made many people rethink their ground cover choices. If you are redoing your yard, be sure to pick something that is safe for Fido. Artificial turf is a good option. You can also use flat paving stones or pea gravel. Buffalo grass and thyme are suitable as well: they’re pet-safe, don’t need much water, and will keep your lawn looking nice and green. Avoid using mulch: some dogs may try to eat it, which can be very dangerous. Cocoa mulch is particularly hazardous, as it is toxic to pets. Mulch can also give Fido painful paw splinters, and/or harbor unwanted critters.

Puppy Play Zone

Want to make Fido’s outdoor time more fun? Start by getting him some fun toys. You can also offer your pooch a kiddie pool to splash around in, or ramps and tunnels to conquer. If your dog likes digging, get your furry little pirate a sandbox, and bury some toys in it.


To keep fleas and tick numbers down, trim back hedges and overgrown branches, and remove debris from your yard. It’s also important to keep Fido current on parasite control products and vaccinations.


Why not get your canine friend his own doghouse? When you go shopping, pay close attention to the material. Plastic is often cheapest, but doesn’t offer much by way of insulation. Avoid pressure-treated wood as well, as it can be toxic to dogs. Fido’s doghouse should give him room to stand up, turn around, and sleep comfortably, but shouldn’t be too big. We recommend getting one that is raised up off the ground a bit. This will help keep pests out.


Make sure Fido always has fresh water outdoors. Remember to clean his dish every day: doggy bowls can attract dangerous wildlife, like poisonous spiders, frogs, or even snakes. These are definitely not things you want in your pet’s water!

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