Common Mistakes That Pet Owners Make

Our pets provide us with years of unconditional love and loyalty. Return the favor by being the best pet owner that you can be! Below, your Cameron Park, CA veterinarian tells you about three of the most common pet-owner errors so that you can avoid these mistakes moving forward.

Not Practicing Preventative Care

Preventative medicine is the best medicine—not only is it less expensive than treatment, it’s far more effective! Have your pet wear seasonal or year-round preventative medications to ward off the dangers posed by fleas, ticks, worms, and disease-carrying mosquitoes. Also make sure that your companion is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations to prevent dangerous diseases.

Another important part of preventative care is veterinary visits themselves. When your pet is examined regularly, your veterinarian can stay on top of any health issues and treat them appropriately. Most vets recommend that they see your pet at least twice a year.

Not Providing Enough Exercise

If your pet is permitted to lounge around the house all day, they’ll likely become obese and may even start to act out inappropriately if they can’t get out their pent-up energy. A pet who receives regular exercise and playtime, though, will remain fit and properly stimulated. Go on jogs in the backyard, take brisk walks through the neighborhood, or have fun play sessions with a toy in your living room. However you do it, make sure your pet stays active for several minutes at a time, several times a day.

Not Spaying or Neutering

Spaying and neutering is extremely important for your pet’s good health, and it’s about much more than preventing unplanned litters. Spaying and neutering actually benefits your pet by eliminating the chance of genital cancers, greatly reducing the chances of other cancer types like prostate and breast cancer from being diagnosed, and even lowers the risk of common ailments like urinary tract infections. In addition, your pet’s behavior will almost surely improve if they’ve been spayed or neutered; avoid the hassles of aggression, house soiling, roaming, digging, chewing, scratching, loud vocalizations, and more by having the procedure performed early on in your pet’s life. Plus, it helps to control the homeless pet population—what’s not to love?

Does your pet need vaccinations, pest-control products, or an examination? We’re here to serve all of your most important pet-care needs! Set up an appointment today at your Cameron Park, CA veterinary clinic.

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