Integrative Patient of the Month, June

Say hello to Apollo!


Apollo is the most handsome fella the ladies of Veterinary Healing Center have ever seen!  He has been seeing Drs. Cahoon and McKerney for management of generalized arthritis for about 2 years now, but in the past 3-6 months, Dr. McKerney’s treatments have become more intense due to neck pain that was causing front leg lameness.  In addition to treating his neck pain and lameness issues, Dr. McKerney treats Apollo for general geriatric well-being and comfort by stimulating his immune system and gastrointestinal tract.  He is currently being treated with Electrotherapy acupuncture, Laser therapy, and a combination of Western medications and Eastern herbs/supplements.  At Apollo’s age, we do expect some joint stiffness issues due to normal aging processes, but with the treatment plan he currently receives his day to day comfort has improved by 100%!


We couldn’t be happier to see our patients’ quality of life and well-being improve!  Call us today if you have questions about how Integrative Veterinary Medicine can help benefit your pet.

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