Integrative Patient of the Month, September

Say hello to Waldo!!!  Waldo is very special to us, as he has made some amazing progress receiving some Integrative therapy from Dr. McKerney.  Read below to learn more about Waldo’s inspiring story, told by his mom:

“Waldo, is my love, my passion, best friend, my life.  For years I had puppy fever.  I wanted a dog.  I looked and took every dog compatibility test available.  I scoured the internet for about a year.  Then in early November of 2011 I came across a litter of cockapoos.  When I sat down with the pups and held Waldo, I knew he was the one.  Waldo came home with me on Christmas eve of 2011.

Friday night, April 21, 2017, Waldo and I were playing, he was chasing the ball in the house having a great time.  We go to bed.  Saturday morning, I called Waldo to come get breakfast and he just sat on my bed, so I went and picked him up and put him on the floor and called him again, when he came towards me he was dragging his rear, and legs.  I was shocked and had him seen with his Western Medicine Doctor that morning.

X-rays showed Waldo has three vertebrae in his mid-back that were narrowed and causing injury to his spinal cord. One option was to take Waldo to emergency surgery within the next three hours and the cost would be $6 – $8 thousand dollars for surgery with a 50/50 chance being successful. Waldo’s back end and legs were paralyzed, he did not pass a pain test.  The outcome did not look good.  I sat on the floor and cried holding Waldo for the longest time.  Then I took Waldo home with pain medicine and prednisone with strict crate rest.  I had to learn how to express Waldo’s bladder, as he could not urinate on his own.

Waldo and I were referred to the Veterinary Healing Center Hills for a consult for acupuncture and Eastern approaches to hopefully help Waldo recover.

When I telephoned their office, I was greeted by a knowledgeable assistant who explained their office and approach.    I made Waldo an appointment and we were able to see Dr. McKerney within a short period of time.  One of the things that impressed me was how thoroughly she reviewed Waldo’s medical records provided by our western veterinarian.  Dr. McKerney examined Waldo and said he was a good candidate for electro acupuncture, herbal supplements, and Essential Oils.  Waldo started his treatments that day.

Over the last four months Waldo has made significant amounts of improvement.  Waldo now has feelings in his legs, feet, and back, has gained strength in his back legs, and he can stand and walk – his walk is a little wobbly – but walking is walking!

Daily, I try to provide Waldo with some different type of activities. I take him swimming and help him move his legs in the water, I have him balance on a floaty, I massage his legs and back trying to gently stimulate his nervous system, and use Lavender and Copaiba essential oils to assist him with relaxation and healing of his muscular system.

Waldo is never nervous or anxious about going to acupuncture, and has responded to his treatments very well.  Without acupuncture, Waldo may not have made the progress he has had.  His quality of life is good and he is a spoiled happy happy boy.

Thank you, Dr. McKerney and staff, for saving Waldo’s quality of life.  The support and assistance they have provided to me in my efforts to do what is best for Waldo is appreciated beyond words.  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Dr. Conner, Waldo’s regular veterinarian, for being with us every step of the way and for her referral to the Veterinary Healing Center.”

-Laura Lee Rogers
We could not be more excited for Waldo’s amazing progress!  He is lucky to have such a devoted mom, and we are so happy to be able to partner with her and Waldo to help him thrive!

To see Waldo in action, click here!

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We look forward to helping you enjoy countless healthy years with your furry family members!

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