Choosing the Right Spot for Your Birdcage

Have you recently decided to adopt a pet bird? Congratulations! Polly is a wonderful animal companion. One thing that is crucial to your feathered friend’s health and happiness is making sure she is comfortable in her cage. Choosing the right size and style cage is of course very important, but it’s equally important to pick the right location for your feathered buddy. Read on as a Cameron Park, CA vet offers tips on choosing the right spot for your birdcage.


Do some research on your feathered friend, and get some information on Polly’s specific care needs. Your cute pet’s breed may be a huge factor in determining what sort of environment she needs. For instance, finches need sunlight to stay healthy. However, you don’t want to put your pet in direct sunlight. Ask your vet for more information.


While ventilation is good, you don’t want your little buddy to be surrounded by too much air. Don’t put Polly too close to an air duct, heating vent, and/or ceiling fan.


Birds have extremely delicate lungs, and can get very sick from breathing fumes that are harmless to us. Cooking fumes are one good example of this: many types of modern kitchenware give off vapors that are deadly to birds. Don’t put Polly’s cage near the kitchen. You also don’t want your pet in a place where she will be exposed to cigarette smoke and/or fumes from cleaning or craft products, like paint or turpentine.


Our winged pals are very sociable, and are happiest when they can see, hear, and interact with their people. Polly will become depressed and lonely in a back room all by herself. However, your colorful pal will also be uncomfortable if she is constantly surrounded by activity. A family room or living room is ideal.


Birds are often prey animals in the wild, and must be constantly on the lookout for threats. Many birds feel safest in corners, where they are only exposed from one direction.


No matter where you decide to put your feathered friend’s cage, putting some nontoxic plants near it will likely help your pet feel more at home. After all, trees are Polly’s natural habitat!

Do you have questions about your bird’s health or care? Contact us today! As your Cameron Park, CA pet hospital, we are here to help!

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