New Year’s Resolutions for Confused Dogs

Happy New Year! If you try to tell your dog what New Year’s is, you’ll probably just get an adorable head tilt in response. Even though your pup may not know or understand what the holiday is about, he’ll still offer you unconditional doggy support in 2018. Actually, although Man’s Best Friend is really very smart, there are some things that can completely stump him. In fact, Fido may want to figure a few things out this year! Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some resolutions for confused dogs.

Get Rid Of The Vacuum Cleaner

For many dog owners, vacuums are an absolute must. However, Fido thinks of the vacuum as a scary space robot that deliberately removes his smell from his domain. Getting rid of this evil adversary may be at the top of your pet’s list of resolutions this year!

Catch That Red Dot

Does your pooch enjoy chasing that little red dot? Fido may never figure out his elusive prey! Play with your pet regularly, so at least he has ample opportunity to try.

Stop Getting Tangled Up In My Leash

While some dogs figure out fairly quickly how to maneuver around on a leash without getting wrapped up around things, some of our canine buddies haven’t quite got the hang of this yet!

Learn How To Open Cans

If your four-legged friend could open cans, it’s probably safe to say you’d have to start locking up your dog food. While not having opposable thumbs will definitely make this goal harder for your pup, Fido can still hope!

Convince My Owner To Order Better Weather

Does your dog ever give you an accusing look when you take him out on cold or wet days? Fido doesn’t really understand how the elements work, and may very well think you’re in charge of the weather!

Figure Out The Cat

To be fair, Fido has a tough job ahead of him with this one. After all, we’re not sure anyone will ever completely figure out cats. Fluffy wags her tail when she’s mad, hates car rides, and doesn’t even care that much for bacon. None of these things make any sense to Fido!

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