7 Things Your Cat Wants to Know Right Meow

Did you know that January 21st is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? If your feline friend could vocalize her most pressing quandaries, what do you think she would be most curious about? Read on as a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some of Fluffy’s most urgent questions.

Why Can’t I Sleep There? Or There? Or There?

Cats aren’t very discerning when it comes to napping spots. Fluffy may sleep on your computer, on top of your shoes, or in about a hundred unusual places. Moreover, your kitty won’t understand why you moved her mid-nap.

Why Do You Take Up So Much Of The Bed?

Have you ever found yourself relegated to the edge of the bed while your cat sprawls out in the middle? Fluffy may be wondering why you can’t give her just a little more room.

Why Did You Move? I was comfortable!

Cats are super cute when they’re sleeping. It isn’t uncommon for people to delay getting up when their kitties are in their laps, just to avoid moving their sleeping pets. However, we can’t always live our lives around Fluffy’s schedule. If you ever move your furball before she’s awake, you may get a little meow of protest.

Why Can’t I Go Out?

Cats are both safer and healthier inside, but Fluffy doesn’t necessarily see it that way. She just wants to roll around in the driveway!

Why Are You Making Me Go For Car Rides?

Coming to see us is definitely in your cat’s best interest. However, as far as Fluffy is concerned, car rides are both terrifying and unnecessary.

Why Are You Still Sleeping?

Our feline overlords certainly do take breakfast seriously. If you ever make the grave mistake of trying to sleep in when your kitty wants her morning meal, you may find your impatient pet smacking you with her paw!

What Is That Little Red Dot?

It’s almost impossible not to giggle when seeing a cat chase after a tiny red dot. Fluffy has been trying to catch this elusive prey for years, and just can’t figure out her tiny adversary!

While we may not be able to answer your pet’s questions, we’re definitely happy to answer yours! Please contact us if there is ever anything we can do to assist you. As your Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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