Helping a Pet Bird Settle In

Are you planning to adopt a pet bird? That first day will be an exciting time for you! Just remember that going to a new home can be very stressful—and even scary—for Polly. Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet discusses helping your feathered buddy adjust to her new home.

Cage Setup

Since Polly will spend the majority of her time in her cage, making sure that it’s comfy and fun for her is crucial. Different types of birds need different cage sizes and shapes, so ask your vet for advice. Choosing the right location is also very important. Polly will be happiest if she can see and hear her human pals, but isn’t in the center of everything. Many birds feel most comfortable in corners, where they are protected from ‘sneak attacks.’ It’s good for birds to have an interesting view, but don’t put your pet in direct sunlight.

The Big Day

When you bring your new feathered friend home, you may want to immediately try to play with her. There will be time for that later. For now, it’s more important to give Polly time to settle in. Put her in her cage with a toy or two, and just let her adjust. (Note: down the road, your colorful pet will need several toys, but for now, keep it simple.)

Getting To Know Polly

Your winged buddy will need time to relax and get to know you. Talk to Polly, but don’t try to reach in and grab her. One good tactic is to just sit beside your cute pet’s cage when you are reading, using your phone or computer, or watching TV. This is a good time to read up on your pet’s species, and learn about her body language, characteristics, and care needs!


Birds are sometimes very scared of strangers. At first, Polly may back away when you open her cage to clean it or feed her. Just be slow and gentle, and don’t move too quickly. When you think your feathered pal is feeling a little more comfortable, offer a finger, and see if she hops on to it. If she doesn’t, don’t worry: good care, TLC, and patience will win her over in the long run!

Please contact us, your Cameron Park, CA vet hospital, for all your bird’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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