Your Cat’s Whiskers

One of the best things about our feline friends is the fact that they are so darned cute. Fluffy’s furry face can definitely melt some hearts. Your cat’s whiskers are purrticularly adorable. But whiskers serve many more purposes than just charming us. Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet discusses Fluffy’s whiskers.


Unlike Fluffy’s regular fur, her whiskers have deep roots and are surrounded by extremely sensitive nerves. Your furball can pick up a lot of information about what’s going on around her through her whiskers. They’re almost like little antennae: they help kitties detect things like vibrations and wind direction, and help them get around in the dark.


Have you ever noticed how good cats are at just strolling along on fence posts or tree branches? It’s in the whiskers! Whiskers help our feline buddies keep their balance. Your kitty’s whiskers also help her gauge distances when she is pouncing on a toy or jumping onto your lap. Plus, they help her determine if she actually can fit through that small hole. (Note: this doesn’t always work with chubby cats.)


You don’t need to do anything to care for your kitty’s whiskers. In fact, you should just leave them be. Never pluck, trim, or pull out Fluffy’s whiskers. This can cause her to become dizzy and disoriented. She will also have a harder time gauging her jumps, and could hurt herself.

Cute Whisker Facts

Did you know that cats also have whiskers on their paws and jaws? Take a look at your feline friend’s furry feet! Your pet’s whiskers may also change color as she ages.

Kitty Mood Indicator

Your cat’s whiskers can also help you gauge her mood. If Fluffy is content, her whiskers will be relaxed, and perhaps a bit droopy. If she is hunting or playing, they may be pointed forward. This will help her get information about her prey… even if that ‘prey’ is a catnip mouse. If your feline pal feels scared or threatened, she may flatten out her whiskers.

Whisker Loss

Cats sometimes lose their whiskers. This isn’t uncommon. That said, if your feline buddy suddenly starts losing a lot of whiskers, there may be something going on: this can be a sign of health problems. Call your vet immediately.

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