Milo’s Story: Eastern Medicine for Cancer Care

“Metastatic Cancer. Inoperable. Untreatable.”

“His time left will be measured in weeks, not months.”

For a 13-year-old labradoodle that walks his Mom every day, Milo’s diagnosis in August 2018 was the most shocking and devastating news we could receive. He’s our #1 family member and was otherwise living an active, fun-filled life.

A few days after the diagnosis, we decided to circle back to Dr. Cahoon and Dr. McKerney at Veterinary Healing Center. We didn’t know what to expect in the upcoming weeks, but we knew we would need their support and care. A cure is not possible, but what options do we have to help make his time left comfortable and enjoyable?

Dr. Cahoon began to discuss Eastern Medicine. We explored Acupuncture, high dose Vitamin C infusions, dietary changes, and a variety of Chinese herbs and mushrooms. We quickly began treatments.

We celebrate every week now with Milo. For a senior citizen dog with cancer, he is thriving. To Dr. Cahoon and Dr. McKerney, and all the staff at VHC, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws for introducing us to Eastern Medicine. You gave us options we didn’t know we had. You’ve given us the gift of time. Time to walk together every day and stop and smell the roses. (Milo prefers dirt and weeds). Time to swim together and cool off with a leisurely float in the pool. Time to enjoy leisurely meals together on an outdoor patio with a glass of wine. (The wine is for the humans…definitely not eastern medicine protocol.) Milo’s quality of life is fantastic and certainly not where we thought it would be after hearing that diagnosis.

We are frequent fliers now at VHC and everyone greets us with enthusiasm and cheerful hellos. It warms our hearts when a staff member stops in during Milo’s treatment, just to say “Hi” to Milo and give him a good neck or ear scratch. And every morning, when we wake up to a Milo tail thump, our hearts are filled with love as we get to spend another active, fun-filled day with our favorite furry guy. – Milo’s Mom


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