Teaching Your Dog to “Come”

It’s Dog Training Education Month! While Fido’s education is important all year long, this is a great time to talk about the important of training your canine pal, and also to give some tips on how to do that. One of the most important things for your to teach your furry buddy is the command to Come. Read on as a Cameron Park, CA vet discusses training Fido to Come.

Teaching Fido

To start, get a retractable leash, and let it out at least 6 feet. Hold up a yummy snack, like a piece of chicken or a doggy treat. Start walking backward, away from Fido, and then tell him to Come. When your furry pal has almost reached you, hold up the treat and tell him to Sit. When he sits, give him the treat. You’ll want to repeat this many times, until your pup almost always comes when you call. Then, start letting the leash out further and further. Keep practicing. Eventually, you won’t have to keep walking backwards. You’ll also be able to slow down the treats: Fido doesn’t have to have a snack every time he comes to you, but he should get them often enough to make him think his odds are pretty good. Reinforce this training whenever you take your canine companion for a walk. Eventually, you can start working with your four-legged friend off-leash, in a fenced area.

Keep It Positive

It can be frustrating when your canine friend ignores your commands. For instance, if Fido slipped his leash, and is completely ignoring you as you tell him to come back, you might not be very happy with your pet when you catch him. However, the worst thing you can do is scold him. This will make your pooch think that he’ll get punished if he comes to you. That’s the last thing you want!

Oops? Start Over

If you’re reading this, and realizing that you may have circumvented your canine buddy’s training by reprimanding him, don’t worry. (We understand, chasing after Fido can be pretty stressful.) Just start over, using a different word. There’s no law that says you have to teach your furry friend the exact word ‘Come.’ ‘Here,’ or ‘Come Back’ will work just as well.

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