Eastern Medicine Treatment for Pet ACL Injury – El Dorado Springs

Young athletic Juels, who especially loves to swim in the lake, had surgery (x-cap with ligament graft) in Feb of 2018 for a ruptured ACL and meniscus damage. Her recovery stalled at about 4mos. and she developed muscle wasting on the affected leg showing us she was not putting nearly full weight on that rear leg. We continued cold laser treatments regularly and added acupuncture. After I referred my neighbor with her Golden Roxie to VHC and they had great results, I didn’t hesitate to start Juels, first on dry-needle, then with electricity, every other week for a few weeks. We started to see results in a short time and Juels continued to improve and was able to rebuild the muscle in her leg and now can take our regular 2-3 mile daily walks and enjoys regular swimming dates. We have continued cold laser treatments and periodic dry needle acupuncture treatments for maintenance with good results.

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