Grooming Your Feline Friend

Kitties are very clean by nature, which is one of the many reasons they make such wonderful pets. Fluffy will carefully groom her fur every day. However, that doesn’t mean your furry little diva can’t use some help now and then. A Cameron Park, CA vet discusses grooming your cat in this article.


Brushing your feline friend regularly will benefit her in several ways. First, it will remove dust, dead fur, and dander from her coat. This will keep her comfortable, and help protect her from bad weather. Plus, your kitty will swallow less fur, which will reduce or eliminate hairballs. You’ll also find less pet hair stuck to your clothes and furniture. Pick a time when your pet is feeling relaxed, and start by gently petting her, going in the direction of her fur. Then, slowly incorporate the brush. Offer treats, praise, and cuddles, so Fluffy feels pampered, not punished. When your cat has had enough, don’t force her to submit. Just let her go, and start again another day.


Most cats don’t actually need baths. However, you can bathe your feline pal if you want to, as long as your vet doesn’t object. If you get the all-clear, start by putting a rubber mat down in your tub or sink to protect it from those sharp claws. Then, add a few inches of warm—not hot—water. Use a pet shampoo: products made for us are too strong for kitties. Human shampoo could strip your cat’s fur, leaving her looking dry and frizzy. Plus, some contain ingredients that aren’t safe for cats. After you’ve lathered Fluffy up, use a teapot or pitcher to rinse her. Don’t use suds on your furball’s head: just use a washcloth to clean that adorable face.


We always recommend that cats stay indoors, as they are simply safer and healthier that way. However, Fluffy’s nail-care regimen isn’t usually a big hit among humans. In the wild, kitties use trees to sharpen their claws. Unless you happen to have a tree inside your home, Fluffy will go for the next best thing. Offer your furry little buddy a suitable scratching post. Choose something that is sturdy, and is also tall enough to allow her to stretch. Otherwise, she may use your carpets or furniture.

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