Choosing Bird Perches

Do you have a feathered buddy for a pet? Polly makes a very cute and charming animal companion. One thing that is very important to your winged pal’s health and well-being is making sure she has suitable perches. Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet offers some helpful tips on Polly’s perches.

Why Perches Are Important

Perches serve many purposes for birds. Polly needs perches to stand, sleep, socialize, play, eat, and groom herself. (If your cute pet likes to talk and sing, she may also stand on her perch to belt out her favorite song, imitate your phone, or tease the dog.) Perches also give your bird a good lower-body workout, which helps keep her feet, toes, and legs strong and healthy.

Choosing Perches

In the wild, birds sit on branches of many different sizes, strengths, and textures. To mimic this, your pet’s cage should offer a variety of perches. Some should be rigid, while others should be more flexible. You can also mix and match materials by choosing some natural perches and some synthetic ones. Your vet may recommend manzanita perches, which promote good foot health. Avoid sandpaper and concrete perches, as they can cause injuries.


Make sure to choose perches that are the right size for your little buddy. Polly could hurt herself on perches that are too big or too small! If you aren’t sure what size you need, ask your vet for advice.

Perch Placement

Put a few different perches in your feathered pal’s cage, and place them at different heights. There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up Polly’s perches. Don’t hang them over your winged buddy’s food or water dishes. If you do, her bowls will quickly be contaminated by droppings. Arrange the perches so that Polly can reach her food easily. Also, make sure her tail doesn’t get pressed up against the cage sides when she is sitting on her perch. Ask your vet for more information on choosing and placing perches.

Perch Upkeep

About once a week, you should take Polly’s perches down, and thoroughly clean and disinfect them. Change things up a bit when you put them back. Rotating and rearranging your pet’s perches will keep things fun and interesting for her!

Please contact us, your Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, for all your feathered friend’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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