Easy Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health

When was the last time you took a look at your dog’s pearly whites? Dental issues are some of the most common health problems that veterinarians treat amongst dogs. Do you part to maintain Fido’s dental health with these tips from a Cameron Park, CA veterinarian.

Feed a Great Diet

The first way to make sure that your dog’s teeth and gums stay healthy is to feed him a high-quality diet. When your pooch receives the right nutrients through his food, all parts of the body remain in good shape, including the mouth!

Also make sure your dog has a steady supply of cool, fresh water to drink. Not only does this keep him hydrated, it helps to flush the mouth of leftover food particles and other grime.

Provide Chew Toys

Did you know that chew toys are about a lot more than good plain fun? The simple act of chewing keeps your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and strong, and chew toys help scrape away much of the loose plaque along your dog’s tooth surfaces and gum line. It’s essential for keeping Fido’s mouth clean in between brushing sessions!

Brush the Teeth

By brushing your dog’s teeth regularly, you’re keeping the mouth free of plaque and removing it before it can harden into more dangerous tartar. Pick up a canine toothpaste, as well as a pet toothbrush, at your local pet supply store. Begin by simply massaging your dog’s teeth and gums with your finger—not pleasant, we know, but it will get your dog used to the brushing sensation.

Next, introduce the paste so that your dog gets used to the taste and smell. Eventually, you’ll be able to brush all sections of the mouth for a clean smile and fresh breath! Ask your vet for further advice.

Try Dental Sticks or Chews

Try picking up dental chews or sticks to help boost your dog’s oral health. You can also buy dog treats that are made to promote good dental health. Consult your veterinarian if you would like a recommendation on such a product.

See the Vet

Don’t forget about veterinary dental cleanings at the vet’s office. This procedure gets at the parts of your dog’s mouth that you can’t reach with brushing alone! Set up your dog’s next dental cleaning if he’s overdue.

To learn more about Fido’s dental care, call your Cameron Park, CA veterinary clinic.

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