5 Things You Learn When You Adopt A Rabbit

Are you considering getting a pet bunny? Rabbits are almost impossibly cute, and they can make very fun little pets. However, they are very different from cats and dogs. Here, a Cameron Park, CA vet lists some things first-time bunny owners soon discover.

Bunnies Don’t Shed: They Molt

A few times a year, your furball will grow a new coat, and will completely lose her old one. This can be quite startling for new bunny owners, as it will more or less look like your rabbit exploded. Not only will Floppy look a bit patchy for a few days, you’ll also find fur everywhere. You’ll need to brush your little buddy daily during molts, as she can get very sick if she ingests too much fur. We recommend vacuuming daily during these times, and picking up a few lint rollers. Ask your vet for more information, including advice on and giving Floppy hairball preventatives.

Floppy Can Be Stubborn

Bunnies may be small and adorable, so it may come as a surprise to learn that they can actually be quite stubborn and temperamental, and even a little bossy. For instance, Floppy may be annoyed with you for rearranging her cage, or cutting her daily playtime short, and may ‘bunish’ you by ignoring you.

Everything Is Edible

Rabbits need to chew constantly to keep their choppers from overgrowing. Wild rabbits wear their choppers down by nibbling on tough plants and roots. Pet ones, however, tend to go for whatever is within reach. Floppy will chew on basically anything and everything, including wires, baseboards, furniture legs, shoes, purses … the list goes on. Be sure to do some petproofing!

Binkies Are Adorable

We mentioned above that bunnies can be moody. However, Floppy can also feel happy and chipper at times. When this happens, you may be rewarded with a binkie, which is basically a bunny happy dance. Needless to say, binkies are absolutely adorable.

Bunnies Need Lots Of TLC

Just like any other pet, Floppy should see the vet regularly. You’ll also need to keep your furball’s cage clean, and provide her with proper food, including lots of grass hay. Bunnies are happiest when they feel loved, so pay lots of attention to your adorable pet!

Please feel free to contact us, your local Cameron Park, CA vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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